First image of ISS with new camera. Did not get the exposure right.


The Great Red Spot rotating into view

Another nice Jupiter night.

Almost one hour of Jupiter rotation

The Great Red Spot, Ganymede, Callisto, Io, and the shadow of Io

Not bad

First Image of 2013


Almost Transit time!




My best Jupiter images yet!



Saturn's rings are slowly opening up again.



Jupiter looks so different without the South Equatorial Belt (SEB).
It disappeared a couple of months ago and is expected to reappear in the next few months.
On September 20th, Jupiter was closer to us than it has been since 1963.
A whopping 49.86" of apparent size and only 591,495,936 kilometers away from us.


Another so-so image of Saturn.


Unfortunately a cloudy morning, but at least I came away from it with a somewhat respectable image.


Not the greatest image, but it is the latest. 04-03-'10


Lunar X, 03-22-'10


ISS, 10-09-'09, 6:56 EDT


LCROSS Impact Site, 10-09-'09


Lunar Halo on 10-05-'09



The 'Lunar X'